Electric cars are quiet and will change property prices

Car with zero carbon emission

Car with zero carbon emission

Living near a big avenue can be disturbing. Dirt, noise and pollution devalue even the most valued regions of a large metropolis. But when all (or at least most) of the cars are electric?

It may take 20, 30, up to 40 years, but the trend is that consumption of pollution-emitting fuels will be diminished until it is a collector’s item.

Electric cars are quiet, making virtually no noise since they do not burn fuel. For the same reason, electric cars do not smoke in the air, do not pollute and do not make dirt.

In São Paulo, Brazil, we see regions that are very affected by problems caused by vehicles. A good example is “Minhocão”. The route of the cars forces the residents to live from a closed window, in search of a little more silence.

Sao Paulo avenue dirty due to car pollution

Electric cars should value regions affected by noise and pollution of vehicles.

A major step in this direction is that buses, which are responsible for noise pollution in large cities, are already being tested with 100% electric motors. In Campinas, SP, a bus powered 100% battery, with capacity to carry 90 passengers, is already being used by the population since 2015.

Electric bus with capacity to translate 90 passengers

Large responsible for pollution in large cities, buses are already starting to earn electric versions

It is too early to consider living next to a major highway, but who knows, in a few decades, regions that are now completely devalued can become very attractive because of electric vehicles.