How Tesla autopilot works

Tesla Motors claims that its cars have full self-drive capability in almost all circumstances, claiming that their autopilot is at least twice as safe than an human driver. The system is capable of driving the vehicle for long or short distances, without the need of any action from the driver. The only thing that should be done is to tell the car where you want to go; If nothing is said, the car will scan the calendar and take you to the already scheduled destination, or take you to your own home (if the calendar is empty).

Autopilot route selection

Autopilot deciding which route the car will take

The Tesla electric car will decide which are the ideal routes, navigate through urban routes, manage complex intersections with traffic lights, stop signs and roundabouts, as well as dealing with freeways that are very busy with cars moving at high speed. When arriving at the desired location, you only need to get out of the car and it will go into the parking mode, automatically searching for a place where it can park itself. Then, to summon it back, you only need one tap on your phone.

Car being guided by autopilot

Tesla eletric car being guided by the autopilot

Everything that was said is possible thanks to the eight surround cameras installed in their cars; these provide a 360-degree visibility around the car within a distance up to 820 ft. This view is complemented by twelve ultrasonic sensors, which allows the detection of several objects at a much greater distance, and by a radar (forward facing) with advanced processing, providing additional date on the world, at a wavelength capable to see through heavy rains, fog, dust and even the car ahead. This data is processed by an onboard computer which provides a worldview that a driver alone can not access, seeing in all directions simultaneously.

Cameras radius of vision

Autopilot radius of vision thanks to the cameras and radars


Electric car main advantages

Low ambiental costs – Most of the time, the electricity used to recharge the electric cars battery is generated by the burning of fossil fuels, which is something that generates pollution. However, the generated pollution by this procedure is very small compared to the pollution generated by the cars that are gas powered. The EVAC (Electric Vehicle Association of Canada) afirmed that the electric cars recharged with coal-fired electric generators have the carbon emission rate reduced by half, while the cars recharged by cleaner processes of electric generation are capable to reduce this emission rate to less than 1% of the emission rate from the internal combustion engines. Besides that, the car batteries are 100% recycable, something that doesn’t generate problems with improper disposal of waste.

Pollution produced by gasoline powered cars

Electric cars don’t generate this kind of pollution

Low fuel and maintenace cost – The cost of the electric energy usage to recharge the electric cars batteries corresponds to one third of the cost from the fuel usage of the gasoline powered vehicles. It’s possible to drive an electric car for 70 km paying only 1 dollar in electricity (value calculated by the USA Energy Department). Besides that, the quantity of moving and filtering parts is smaller, causing a small mechanical wear.

Electric car recharge

Electric car being recharged

Nice driving – The electrical vehicles almost don’t produce any sound due to the small amount of moving parts in the engine and by the lack of an exhaust system. This results in a nice and cozy driving.

Driving with the electrical BMW i3

Cozy driving with the electrical BMW car (the BMW i3)

Tesla Motors sales strategy worries dealers

Without maintenance and online sales, Tesla vehicles question the need for dealerships

Without maintenance and online sales, Tesla vehicles question the need for dealerships

How does a car dealership make money? Basically in two ways. The first, of course, is selling cars. The second is with the maintenance of the vehicles that it sells itself over the next few years.

In both cases, Tesla Motors is proving that dealership services are expendable in the automotive industry.

Selling cars as if they were Iphones

Tesla Motors Store in the United States

Tesla Motors Store in the United States

Tesla’s strategy was to get away from the obvious and create a legion of fans there, creating stores in malls to demonstrate the car and create an idea of ​​desire. The environment inside the store is of curiosity of the possible clients.

The focus is not to sell, is to present the car. Tesla sellers are not commissioned.

Maintenance for what?

Tesla car coming off the assembly line

Tesla car coming off the assembly line

Without a combustion engine, electric cars do not need oil change, air filter, exhaust, exhaust (or exhaust) cleaning. The idea is not the idea, the idea is to show the potential and the facilities of the product for consumers to recommend a car from Tesla to another consumer.

In short, the focus is on selling the car without thinking about profiting from maintenance.

Many of the system updates on Tesla cars are made while the cars are in the garage, free of charge. The owners of the cars start the car next time and discover that a firmware update left the battery with a few more kilometers of autonomy.

Electric cars are quiet and will change property prices

Car with zero carbon emission

Car with zero carbon emission

Living near a big avenue can be disturbing. Dirt, noise and pollution devalue even the most valued regions of a large metropolis. But when all (or at least most) of the cars are electric?

It may take 20, 30, up to 40 years, but the trend is that consumption of pollution-emitting fuels will be diminished until it is a collector’s item.

Electric cars are quiet, making virtually no noise since they do not burn fuel. For the same reason, electric cars do not smoke in the air, do not pollute and do not make dirt.

In São Paulo, Brazil, we see regions that are very affected by problems caused by vehicles. A good example is “Minhocão”. The route of the cars forces the residents to live from a closed window, in search of a little more silence.

Sao Paulo avenue dirty due to car pollution

Electric cars should value regions affected by noise and pollution of vehicles.

A major step in this direction is that buses, which are responsible for noise pollution in large cities, are already being tested with 100% electric motors. In Campinas, SP, a bus powered 100% battery, with capacity to carry 90 passengers, is already being used by the population since 2015.

Electric bus with capacity to translate 90 passengers

Large responsible for pollution in large cities, buses are already starting to earn electric versions

It is too early to consider living next to a major highway, but who knows, in a few decades, regions that are now completely devalued can become very attractive because of electric vehicles.